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Join one of Bike ‘n Wine’s Guided or Self-Guided tours of Italy. We will take you to the most authentic and unique locations where you will fully explore and appreciate the real Italian lifestyle through wonderful food, wine and interacting with locals. Enjoy golden rolling hills covered with sunflowers, perfectly manicured vineyards and ancient villages that still tell the history and heritage of each little town.


Guided tours include expert and local guides that will be with you every step of the way. They will show you the prettiest spots and tell you the history of the places you are visiting. Guided tours can be arranged in groups or customized and tailored based on your interests.


Self-guided tours let you ride at your own pace and you decide when to leave and when to come back. Activities you select are reserved for you in advance and our turn by turn GPS will guide you throughout your route.


Bicycles are a great way for you to explore our beautiful territory. Come and smell the perfumes of the local flowers or freshly baked bread and focaccia, stop and have a nice espresso or cappuccino on your way to visit an old little village. In the afternoons, you can learn how wine is made and do wine tasting at a local winery.

What a great way to enjoy life? This memorable vacation that will stay with you forever.

Custom & Private


Bike and Wine in Piedmont: a magical and undiscovered place

At Bike ‘n Wine we don’t just plan your vacation, we help you create the best vacation memories of your life.

Visit the Italy that only Italians can show you and go to off the beaten path to visit little towns.
Visit family-owned wineries where you will be able to interact with the owner. You will see the passion and dedication in their eyes as they tell you everything about their wines.
Meet the grandmother that will proudly show and teach you how to make pasta the way she was taught by her grandmother. Experience the emotions while following a little dog during truffle hunting in the woods.

Walk in what used to be the roads of a 2000-year-old town of Libarna where you will see the remains of an amphitheater.
Pedal through the rolling hills with a road bike or an ebike, or maybe both.

This is Bike ‘n Wine and these are the memories that we want you to have when thinking back at your Bike ‘n Wine vacation. Passion is what motivates us.

This magical and undiscovered place is located in lower Piedmont region of Italy and it is just one hour away from Milan, Turin and Genova.

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