Wine Tasting


Spend a relaxing afternoon tasting the finest wine from the best wineries in Gavi and Tortona Hills. Speak directly to the wine makers and learn why their wines are so special.

"La Mitica" Vintage Race


"La Mitica" is one of the most well known vintage bike race in Italy. It is hosted in Castellania the town where Fausto Coppi was born. Most of the race is on unpaved gravel road and to participate you must ride a vintage bike.

This tour will give you access to the race and access to a vintage road bike.  

Bike or E-Bike

Rent a bike Bianchi, Pinarello, Spacialized, Treck, Giant, Colnago.

Get fitted on a road bike or an electric bike. Our guides will spend a good amount of time to make sure your bike perfectly fits and that you ride comfortable. We will also provide a vintage road bike to participate to "La Mitica" bike race.

Premium Shopping

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Enjoy a special Bike 'n Wine VIP shopping experience at Serravalle Designer Outlet. This is the largest outlet in Italy where the top Italian brands are showcased.

Tour Description




Price: $4,950 per person based on double occupancy ($800 supplement for single room occupancy) 



5 Nights/6 Days Cycling Tour


Jump back 45 years when the roads were unpaved and the bicycles were made out of heavy steel. This is the time when the greatest champion in cycling history used to compete with each other but always in the spirit of friendship. The "La Mitica" bike race will take you back to the time when the champion of the champions, Fausto Coppi was born. This unique biking vacation will take place in the lower Piedmont region, considered Italy’s greatest single wine region, on this unforgettable six-day tour with top of the class accommodations. Our daily routes take you to all the roads that the famed Fausto Coppi "Il Campionissimo" used to train himself. This area is the most important wine region in Italy where the Gavi, Timorasso, Derthona, Barbera, and Dolcetto wines are produced. This is also where the finest white truffles grow alongside porcini mushrooms. During your excursions, you will have the opportunity to visit the top local wineries, learn how to cook traditional local dishes, go truffle hunting (when in season) and experience the best Italian fashion shopping at the Serravalle Designer Outlet with a special VIP invitation. 

The last day of the tour, you will participate in "La Mitica" bike race with a vintage road bike and in vintage attire (if you have it). You will be a cyclist of the past for just one day...




· Participate in "La Mitica" vintage bike race

· Less-traveled, scenic country roads

· Exceptional dinners at the finest local restaurants where you will be able to enjoy and savor the local cuisine

· Talk to the wine makers that produce Gavi and Derthona wine to learn what makes their wines so special

· Visit the Museo dei Campionissimi and the town where Fausto Coppi was born

· Shop at the Serravalle Designer Outlet with a special VIP invitation



*Additional premium for e-bike rental

Tour Dates

Day 1



Our shuttle or private car service will pick you up at the Milan Malpensa (MXP), Linate (LIN) or Genoa (GOA) airport and take you to the hotel. After checking-in and a little rest to recover from you trip, we will get together to assign your bike and make the proper adjustments. We will give you your Bike 'n Wine cycling uniform and a short safety briefing to explain you how to navigate the Italian roads. After all the formalities, we will go for a nice aperitivo (happy hour) and a delicious dinner.

Day 2


Distance: 60 km - 37.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 683 mt. - 2,241 ft


Leave the hotel and head to  Castellania where Fausto Coppi’s memorial is located. Leave Castellania to go to Garbagna a small charming town rated one of the prettiest little towns of Italy. We will have the opportunity to ride through the Colli Tortonesi, the home of Timorasso and Barber wine. Stop briefly for a coffee and a little break  in the beautiful town of Garbagna.From here, we climb a small hill and descend to the Borbera Valley and we head back towards the hotel.

Afternoon activity (Optional)

Day 3


Distance: 73 km - 45 miles

Elevation Gain: 758 mt. - 2,486 ft

Leave the hotel and head to Novi Ligure home of Novi Chocolate. A short climb will take us to the hills of Gavi where we will have the opportunity to see some perfectly preserved castles. From here, we will climb the rolling hills of the Alto Moferrato. We will pass few little typical towns on our way to Rocca Grimalda a historic town from the XI century.  After a little rest, we will head to Gavi to admire the "Fort of Gavi" that dominates the town. 

Afternoon activity (Optional)

Day 4


Distance: 57 km - 35.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 871 mt. - 2,857 ft


We will ride the roads where Coppi used to train. Leave the hotel and head to Ronco Scrivia. There is a slight uphill that will challenge our legs for the climb of the day. Right pass Ronco Scrivia, we will start climbing The Castagnola pass. This is a 6km steady climb with amazing views. Then we descend to Voltaggio, a little town that is still home to an ancient Roman bridge. From here, we will head to Gavi and back to the hotel.

Afternoon activity (Optional)

Day 5


Choose your ride distance between the 53Km - 70Km - 88Km

 “LaMITICA” is a cycle-tourist event off in the hills, where the participants use vintage bikes to honor Coppi. We decided upon the name “LaMITICA” because it best encapsulates the legend that was Fausto, but also because, in so, doing we reaffirm the bond between cycling and the landscape. Of late, a number of these historical events have appeared, so much, that they now represent an authentic “movement”. They’ve captured the imagination not only of sportsmen and women, but also of journalists, local administrators and business leaders. The nature of the events encourages the idea of “slow” cycling in preference to competition. In so doing, they promote not only metaphysical well being, but also an appreciation of the environment and landscape. This dialogue between the participants and nature is further enhanced by their enjoyment of local food and wines en route, which in turn helps to create a genuine bond between them and the territory. 

Day 6


Based on your flight schedules our shuttle or a private car will take you to the airport.


Please note that the itinerary may be subject to change based on weather and other events out of our control.