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Winegrowers – Ezio Poggio from Val Borbera

In Italy, traditions are very important. Even more when we are talking about wine.
Ezio Poggio and his sister Mary are the perfect example: they are third generation vintners leading the family winery with the ambitious project of recovering Timorasso, an ancient indigenous grape variety of the territory.


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Name: Ezio Poggio

Company: Ezio Poggio Winery

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Area: Vignole Borbera – Alessandria – Colli Tortonesi





Ezio, why you decide to become a winegrower?
It is a family tradition, handed down from generation to generation which I am proud to carry on.

What do you like about your job?
For sure the final result and the opportunity to share the fruit of hard work with other people.

What is wine for you?
To me, wine is mainly an emotion.

What are your inspiring principles?
To recover ancient traditions, respect the territory and to work honestly.

What are your goals?
To make the place where I live and work, the amazing Val Borbera, a well-known territory through its most representative and typical wine: the Timorasso.

How does your territory/valley affect your wines?
In a decisive way! My wines and their organoleptic characteristics reflect 100% the terroir and the climatic conditions of our valley.

If you had to describe your wines to those who have never tasted them, how would you describe them?
My wines are elegant, refined, and very balanced but with a strong personality that increases over time.

Which wine from your cellar should a person taste if he doesn’t understand anything about wine, and why?
For sure, an aged Timorasso, because it is capable of arousing greater interest with its scents and therefore it could also impress a person who is a foreigner to our lands.

All wine producers have at least one wine to which they are very attached, what is your wine?
Undoubtedly, the latest one, a dream in the drawer that I have long wanted to achieve: the Metodo Classico from Timorasso grapes in purity.

Ezio Poggio’s “Metodo Classico”

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Type: Classic Method Vintage Sparkling Wine

Land and Microclimate: Clayey, calcareous soil of medium texture.  Apennine microclimate with mild winters and cool summers, with good temperature range during day and night.

Type of vine growing: Classic Guyot

Denomination: Colli Tortonesi “Terre di Libarna” Spumante Extra Brut

Production area: Terre di Libarna – Colli Tortonesi

Region: Piedmont

Vines: 100% Timorasso

Gradation: 12,5%

Winemaking: Soft pressing from whole grapes and fermentation in steel at a controlled temperature

Refinement: Tirage stay on the yeast for at least 24 month before disgorging with the “à la volée” method. Next, a small amount of liqueur is added then the wine is bottled and it stays in the bottle for a period of 6 month before commercialization

Organoleptic description

Color: Pale yellow with lemon green tones and a golden reflection

Scents: Characteristic scents of Timorasso Spumante, well structured with amusing scents of bread crust, mineral and floral with a really thin notes of citrus

Taste: Savory, mineral, fresh. Outstanding acidity typical of Timorasso. Aging on yeast gives a great intensity, elegance and length

Service temperature: 6° – 8° C

Match your wine to: It’s a full meal wine, it best pairs with cold cuts and aged cheese with homemade bread. It pairs well also with seafood dishes and because of his structure could be paired with red meat

Tradition, ambition and a great local grape are the ingredient not only of Ezio Poggio’s great wines, but also of a great territory that is still to be discovered.
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