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Terre di Sarizzola Italian Wine

Winegrowers – Mattia Bellinzona from Terre di Sarizzola


For those fortune enough, life goes exactly as you dreamed it when you are 13 years old: find a job that you are passionate about and have the chance to live in, enrich and promote the territory where you were born.
These are the elements for the story of our winegrower of the month: Mattia Bellinzona of Terre di Sarizzola.


Terre di Sarizzola Italian Wine

Name: Mattia Bellinzona

Company: Terre di Sarizzola

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Area: Sarizzola – Alessandria – Colli Tortonesi




Mattia, why you decide to become a winegrower?
I wanted to become a winemaker from the age of 13 as I’ve always had great passion for the agricultural world, influenced by my grandfather.

What do you like about your job?
Everything, everyday you get up with the desire to always do better and you know that every result obtained will be due to you and your collaborators.

What is wine for you?
Wine is conviviality and joy, pleasure to savor new flavors and spark new emotions.

What are your inspiring principles?
The inspiration for a farmer is given by nature and by the land he cultivates and that everyday gives so much satisfaction and happiness.

What are your goals?
To let as many people know and enjoy the fruits of my labor and to try to transmit all the commitment and passion behind this ancient craft.

How does your territory/valley affect your wines?
A lot! Good wines are always linked to the territory.
Wine is made in the vineyard first, and in the cellar, there is just the transformation of the grapes.

If you had to describe your wines to those who have never tasted them, how would you describe them?
I would start by telling about the territory and its characteristics, which in my opinion are the bases of understanding wine.
Then I would talk about the vineyard and all the attributes that are reflected in the wine.
Only in the end, I would describe the characters and scents of the wine.

Which wine from your cellar should a person taste if he doesn’t understand anything about wine, and why?
I would choose the Derthona-Timorasso because it is a native vine that well explains the characteristics of our territory and its great potential.
Also, as it is a white grape variety, the approach for a newcomer is easier.

All wine producers have at least one wine to which they are very attached, what is your wine?
Mine is the “M______e” a Barbera Monleale from Colli Tortonesi because the Barbera in this territory is a fantastic wine! And still yet to be discovered.


The Terre di Sarizzola’s “M______e”

Type: Macerated white wine

Land and Microclimate: Limestone marl with south-west exposure

Type of vine growing: Guyot

Denomination: Colli Tortonesi Monleale DOC

Production area: Costa Vescovato (AL)

Region: Piedmont

Vines: Barbera

Gradation: 15%

Winemaking: In red on the skins for about 12 days

Refinement: Aging in small wood of 3°- 4° passage for about 20 months

Organoleptic description

Color: Ruby

Scents: vanilla, leather, cocoa, violet, black cherry jam

Taste: Vanilla, cocoa, ripe red fruits, with a mineral note and acidity on the finish. Great persistence

Service temperature: 18°C

Match your wine to: Brasato di Fassona alla Piemontese


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