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vigneti repetto italian winegrower

Winegrowers – Paolo Repetto from Colli Tortonesi



The winegrower this month is Paolo Repetto, from Colli Tortonesi, in the lower Piedmont region.
He defines himself as a winegrower who is tied to tradition in spite of using technology and today he will tell us a bit of his story and which is his favorite wine.


vigneti repetto italian winegrower

Name: Paolo Repetto

Company: Vigneti Repetto

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Area: Montemarzino – Colli Tortonesi



Paolo, why you decided to become a winegrower?
After a long period of work away from the land, I felt the need to go back to where I started.

What do you like about your job?
The fact that agricultural work makes you understand that only a small part of what you do is under your own control, then you have to indulge with what nature does.

What is wine for you?
For me, wine is the way to meet many people with whom you enjoy sharing emotions and experiences.

What are your inspiring principles?
Do your best to carry out your ideas, always keeping in mind the area in which you live and work, which is the most important thing to protect and to prosper.

What are your goals?
To end each day satisfied with what I’ve accomplished.

How does your territory/valley affect your wines?
The terroir is wine! It is essential for those who make wine to understand that wine doesn’t come from the process of making it but instead from the attention and care you give to the grape all year long.

If you had to describe your wines to those who have never tasted them, how would you describe them?
Ours are modern wines that respect tradition. One of our mottos is “ancient methods, modern technologies”, to have wines without sophistication with technologically advance and sustainable agriculture.

Which wine from your cellar should a person taste if he doesn’t understand anything about wine, and why?
Sfera, our Barbera, because it is not necessary to understand wines to fall in love with the Barbera wines of our territory.

All wine producers have at least one wine to which they are very attached, what is your wine?
Although Derthona Timorasso is the king of our territory, I am very attached to Poliedro, our multi-faceted white wine.


The Vigneti Repetto’s Poliedro

vigneti repetto italian wine poliedroType: Macerated white wine

Land and Microclimate: Clayey / calcareous marne first hill 300 mt

Type of vine growing: Simple Guyot

Denomination: Colli Tortonesi Bianco

Production area: Sarezzano (AL)

Region: Piedmont

Vines: Cortese

Gradation: 13.5

Winemaking: Maceration on the skins for 14 days at a controlled temperature

Refinement: 10 months of steam-bent oak batonnage

Organoleptic description

Color: Amber

Scents: Aromatic herbs, apricot, slightly balsamic

Taste: Good clean and intense acidity

Service temperature: 12-14 degrees

Match your wine to: White Truffle of San Sebastiano


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